Spotlight: Todd Martenson

Spotlight: Todd Martenson By Mitzi Beliveau It was at the Monday night Apple Jam Session in Apple Valley, Minnesota at the American Legion, that I met and heard Todd Martenson sing and play the guitar. Todd, as his friends call him, told me that he did not start playing the guitar until he was 35 … Continue reading Spotlight: Todd Martenson

Spotlight: Ginny Davis

Spotlight: Ginny Davis By Mitzi Beliveau It was in the winter of 2018 that I first heard Ginny Davis sing at the Jam Session at the Apple Valley, Minnesota American Legion. Ginny was a bit shy, and I encouraged her to sing. I told her I would be right upfront. Ginny, as her friends call … Continue reading Spotlight: Ginny Davis

Spotlight: Roceathia/Pearl

Spotlight: Roceathia/Pearl By Mitzi Beliveau It was a Monday night at the Apple Valley Jam Session at the Apple Valley Legion that I first heard Ms. Roceathia. A bold and sassy seasoned voice. I could tell she had been singing a while. Everyone at the Legion was in awe of her voice and presentation of … Continue reading Spotlight: Roceathia/Pearl

Spotlight: ECHO

Spotlight: ECHO By Mitzi Beliveau It was a Thursday evening with friends we went dancing at the Richfield Legion in Richfield, Minnesota. It was a warm evening but it was even hotter inside with the music from ECHO. The main singer was outstanding, Mayo Lapakko. A well-seasoned singer with a strong voice always on the … Continue reading Spotlight: ECHO

Spotlight: Liz Pollard-Seagren

Spotlight: Liz Pollard-Seagren By Mitzi Beliveau It was at a Monday Night Jam Session in Apple Valley Minnesota at the Apple Valley Legion that I first heard Liz, as all her friends call her, sing. A multi-talented singer who in my opinion, will soon be singing on her own. Liz, as she is called by … Continue reading Spotlight: Liz Pollard-Seagren

Kinda Fonda Wanda Band

Kinda Fonda Wanda Band   By Mitzi Beliveau It was a Wednesday evening, and I was out with a friend taking a swing dance lesson. That is when I met the band members of the Kinda Fonda Wanda. A great group of musicians and singers. I was in for pure pleasure that night at the … Continue reading Kinda Fonda Wanda Band

Gloria Holtz

Gloria Holtz By Mitzi Beliveau Many times, I go to the Apple Valley American Legion in Apple Valley, MN for the Monday night Jam Sessions. I have learned that this is my happy place. I go there to relax and enjoy friendships. One of those friendships is with Gloria Holtz. Gloria as her friends calls … Continue reading Gloria Holtz