SnapShot: Vinnie Rose

Vinnie Rose By Mitzi Beliveau I was with about 20 of my friends eating when I heard music from the other room at Adagio’s Pizza Factory in New Brighton Minnesota. I asked the wait staff who this young talented man was. They had me talk to the manager. Vinnie Rose sings at the New Brighton’s … Continue reading SnapShot: Vinnie Rose


Spot Light: Michael Hongslo

Spot Light with Michael Hongslo By Mitzi Beliveau I first met Michael Hongslo at a Wilebski’s Jam Sessions on a Tuesday evening. I was in awe with his voice and the command of the way he played the guitar. Michael, as his friends call him, was even tempo and smooth vibrations of the pure pleasure … Continue reading Spot Light: Michael Hongslo

Sean “Wailin” O`Phelan with Midwest Harmonica Workshop Events

  Sean “Wailin” O`Phelan with Midwest Harmonica Workshop Events By Mitzi Beliveau   I had the chance to meet Sean "Wailin" O'Phelan at Wilbeskis Blues Saloon in St. Paul for several Jam Session on Tuesday nights. I met this loving man with a welcoming smile and great humor. After going on stage, I heard Sean … Continue reading Sean “Wailin” O`Phelan with Midwest Harmonica Workshop Events