Spotlight: Joyann Parker Trio

Spotlight: Joyann Parker Trio By Mitzi Beliveau It was midweek in the middle of winter when a friend asked me to watch Ms. Joyann Parker at Mancinis Char House in Saint Paul, Minnesota. My friend had seen Joyann as her friends call her several times and loved to listen to her. I agree with my … Continue reading Spotlight: Joyann Parker Trio


The Jim Stairs Band

The Jim Stairs Band By Mitzi Beliveau It was a Saturday winter night when I went to the 201 Tavern Beer Garden and Grill to watch and listen to an amazing band called The Jim Stairs Band. (changed name from Squishy Mud) The lead guitarist and singer is Jim Stairs. Jim as his friends call … Continue reading The Jim Stairs Band

The Michael Charles Concert

The Michael Charles Concert By Mitzi Beliveau It was Friday night, and I was at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon. I bit nippy outside and nice and warm inside. That Friday night I was in for a surprise. I met Michael Charles. I had never met Michael as his friend call him, but I found him to … Continue reading The Michael Charles Concert

Spotlight: Bambi Alexandra

Spotlight: Bambi Alexandra By Mitzi Beliveau One in a while in your life you hear a voice that memorizes you. That is Ms. Bambi Alexandra the very first time I hear this powerful blues voice. Every place I go and listen to Bambi as her friends and fans call her everyone is in awe of … Continue reading Spotlight: Bambi Alexandra

Pre-New Years with The Pat McLaughlin Band and Guests

Pre-New Years with The Pat McLaughlin Band and Guests By Mitzi Beliveau It was the Friday before New Years in 2018. I was at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon where some of the best local and international Blues bands and singer have entertained at. I knew I was in for a treat to hear The Pat McLaughlin … Continue reading Pre-New Years with The Pat McLaughlin Band and Guests

The Mark Cameron Band

The Mark Cameron Band By Mitzi Beliveau I was at a benefit for a fundraiser when I heard the first band on, The Mark Cameron Band. We were all at the Minnesota Music Café for the Dee Miller Band Benefit to go to the Memphis Blues competitions. The first thing I noticed was the exceptionally … Continue reading The Mark Cameron Band

My 100th Post in 2018

My 100th Post in 2018 By Mitzi Beliveau I decided to write my 100th blog post on my music blog page. I don’t usually talk about myself on this site other than being the one writing it! I have had on a few occasions had people ask me how can you hear all the musicians beat … Continue reading My 100th Post in 2018